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Innovative Ideas, Advanced Solutions


Welcome to world of unique productions. Since 2011, we have been continually setting new services from CAD design for foundries and tool manufactures to proto manufacturing in terms of both quality and speed.

Employing innovative methods and technologies developed completely in-house, in conjunction with in-house management of processes and perfectly organized workflows. The results are high-precision, finished ready-to-install casting prototypes, produced in record time.

Our customers in Europe, especially in the automotive, engineering sectors, place great value on our technological advances and reliability.


Innovative Ideas, Advanced Solutions

Vállakozásunk mérnöki szolgáltatásokat, valamint egyedi és kisszériás gyártást kínál elsősorban ipari partnerek számára, de természetesen magánszemélyek megkeresését is várjuk.


Prototype Manufacturing

Production of prototypes and small series castings made of aluminum and iron alloys, as well as 3D printing of plastic parts with SLA and FDM technology.

Engineering Services

Our engineering solutions from concepts to finished product model to achieve your idea. Our equipment has state-of-the-art CAD, CAE and 3D digitization systems.


3D Digitization and Measurement

Our GOM ATOS measuring system is a high-precision industrial scanner suitable for digitizing and measuring physical objects.

Casting Process Simulation

Complete solution for predictive definition and technology of the entire casting process.

Mold Design and Manufacture

Engineering design, technology and tool manufacturing primarily for gravity die and traditional casting technology.

Industrial Services

Heat treatment: T-type heat treatments of aluminum castings.

Welding and locksmith activities.


Engineering Services

We provide engineering and production solutions for the automotive and casting industries with more than 20 years of experience in our field.

Our company’s philosophy is to provide the best possible service to our clients by utilizing experienced engineers throughout every phase of the project. Furthermore, we can provide our highly experienced team with the latest tools and technology necessary to complete the most complex engineering projects.

We offer a wide range of independent consultancy and services for R&D, launching of new project, quality and process optimization.

Prototype Manufacturing

Our Rapid prototyping processes involves specialized manufacturing techniques for making high-quality physical parts.

Prototypes are useful for design improvement, as steppingstones to full production or for engineering testing. They are meant to be quick and economical, without the need for the investment in hard tooling.

Many of our clients need to produce a physical part quickly in order to validate a design or to capture a fleeting sales opportunity.

Thanks to our well designed inhouse process and technologyy Our customers can receive their products within a few week. Investment in proto tooling is not necessary for very small series.

Available alloys for rapid cast part are Aluminum, Zinc and Ferrous alloys.

3D Digitization and Measurement


Our GOM ATOS measuring system is a high-precision industrial scanner for digitizing and measuring physical objects regardless of material, surface quality and color.

The measuring device is portable, so it can be used in almost any location. If required, we can also perform the measurement at your site.

We are also able to re-document and manufacture damaged or undocumented parts by re-modeling, 3D printing or even casting.

Excellent for inspecting damaged parts or tool elements.

During the scanning, a comparative measurement or a traditional report can be prepared on the digitized object in practically a few minutes.

  • Measurement precision: 0.02mm
  • Measurement Volume: Up to a few meters.

Casting Process Simulation

Simulation software is based on powerful finite element technology.

It gives complete solution of predictive evaluation of the entire casting process including filling and solidification defects.

It enables rapid visualization of design changes and allows for correct decision-making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.

Results can be reviewed with free viewer.

Mold Design and Manufacturing


Our mission is to provide a complete CAD Design Service with the foundry engineering scope. We provide 3D CAD modeling and finite element analysis (FEA) services. Our output is a tailor-made product model for all kind of foundry technology.

Our services help individuals and businesses to take their ideas from initial design to final, feasible product through our expertise and cost saving methods not only in design phase but later in production too.

Our CAD design service includes the tool design for all kind of foundry technology and processes.

With over 18 years of experience in the foundry industry and tool design as our background, we can help launch any project on its correct path to success.

Tool manufacturing services are available for traditional foundry and gravity die tool.

Redocumentation and refurbishing of old or/and damaged foundry tool is quite common problem and we can offer engineering solution to this issue.

Egyéb ipari szolgáltatások


We offer our industrial services to our clients.

Heat treatments up to 800 C. The size of the furnace is 0.7 × 1.3 × 1.3 m. Aluminum for T-type treatments, but we also undertake other alloys up to the temperature limit.

Individual and small series core production from 0.05 kg to 15 kg with 2 CB core shooters

FDM and SLA 3D printing. FDM up to 400x400x400 mm. SLA up to 200x150x180 mm.

Sandblasting up to 400 mm.

TIG welding of steel and aluminum parts.



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