CAD Design
Making 3D and 2D documentation of cast products, Tool design for traditional molding technologies, patterns, core tools for small and large series, Design for gravity die tools, Design for HPDC die and trimming tools, Standardization of foundry tools, Reverse enigneering
Casting Simulation
Product design optimization - Solving of casting errors inherited from geometry still in design phase, Technology - design and simulation of gating and feeding systems, Process optimization - in running production scrap and cost reduction, Casting simulation is available for gravity sand and die tool, low pressure as well as for HPDC technologies
Prototype Production
Production of small series prototype parts with conventional gravitational casting technology and molding tools with short deadlines, Prototype tool manufacturing, All in one hand: coordinating a complete development process from product design to the finished product, In case of a few parts ordering, we produce the product with short deadline without the molding tools
Engineering support for foundries
Technical support for CAD and CFE areas, Product launching and project coordination, Process and product optimization, cost and scrap reduction, Resident engineering



Our company started its activities in 2011 with casting and tool design. Uniquely, we offer engineering services specially in the field of casting. Through our continuous growth, we have been expanding our range of services with Procast casting simulation, thus developing our partners' products and tools at a higher technological and quality level. The time needed to introduce the product has been shortened, the number of tool modifications and trials has decreased, and the value of scanners and yields has improved. Thanks to the continuous innovation and successful partnerships we have become a development partner for several large companies. Thanks to our most sophisticated technology and experience, our philosophy is also a reality: "First to provide perfect for our partners." We are planning to further expand of our range of products in the future: The rapid prototype production of castings with conventional casting is already on the threshold, but the low-gravity casting casting is also among our plans.
Krisztián Hernek
Graduate Metallurgical Engineer
Managing Director


According to our plan we are going to complete our services with a GOM optical measuring system providing measures of products and tools. Furthermore we are going to expand our activities with new services, such as component digitization and reverse engineering.




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